Friday, 29 October 2010


well i've just realised that i haven't blogged since we got here. which was, erm, 7 weeks ago i think!
so basically, we're here. we have been for 7 weeks on saturday. it's actually gone really fast! especially since we've started school! the weeks kinda merge into one! but but but we get this next week off! wahoooo! and tomorrow we're going to himlabadet, which is this quite cool swimming place with like a jacuzzi, vortex, climbing wall, slides and and and a pool side café! we went there with my dad a few weeks ago and had a really good time so my mum said that she would take us the weekend before last, but then we got into trouble so we couldn't go and then last week end me and ludvig were ill, so now theres this week end :D and i think all of us are going, i'm not really sure tbh, it's all confuzzeling!
so yesh, from the begining :)
we got here on the 11th september, and after the longgggg drive we arrived at the house and everyone was here to meet us, well the boys. it was nice that they were both there. vilhelm was sick, but in a couple of days he was completely himself again. (i said it was because we were there so made him all better!)
anyways, on the 13th september we went to the people where you apply for person numbers, its wierd out here. and then we waited for ages and then met our leprechaun friend called martin. he was nice and spoke to us in english! so we filled out forms and stuff. then went. i can't remember where we went but we went somewhere :/
then a couple of days after we went to look around the english school, because i really wanted to go there. we looked round and i loved it there! but there were no spaces in my year and my mum doesn't really want me to go there until i've learnt enough swedish or something. but everyone there seems really friendly and i'd really like to go there! but i have to be put on the waiting list. but i can't be put on the waiting list until i have my personal number and we dont have them yet (another story - confuzzeling!)
then that day we went to the kommon thingy to ask about schools and we tried ringing them for a few days but it didn't work so we got direct numbers to the schools. then some days later we went to look round the school im at now: nivrenaskolan, and i liked it :) (but i still prefer the other school :D) and then we went to look round a couple of schools for my little sister. and then she started at a school called krykmonsskolan on the friday. and then on the tuesday we had a meeting with our teachers at our school, and we were asked tons of questions and then at the bit when they asked if we had any questions i said 'when can we start?!' and they said tomorrow! so we got driven in the first day because alessandro had the dentist. and then we got our bus cards, so could go home on the bus with ludvig. which was cool :) and then by the friday we had lockers and had made friends and stuff, which was cool :) the only thing i dont like about this school is that we are in the international class, which means that me and alice are in the same class, even though we're in different years. apparently its only temporary, until we know enough swedish to go into a real class.
on the subject of school, we met a lady the other day who works for these people called mother tongue, and basically, when the swedish students have english its wayyy too easy for us, so they have special classes for us. we basically do what we would do in english lessons in england. its a good idea, but it also means that on a monday we dont get home until gone 5, instead of 3.15 :/ but i think its worth it! especially as the 2nd week we were there, we were filmed and put onto tv! and and and i was put on there because i was interviewed! it was really cool!
anyways its 10.30 now, so i should probably go and i will finish my 'essay' tomorrow :D