Monday, 23 August 2010

we're still in england right now, but if i've worked it out right - which i probably haven't, we should be in sweden in about 19 days? we're going on the 11th september :| which is just over to weeks away :|
i can't believe we're actually going now! because when we were in sweden over easter, mum was adamant (if thats how you spell it:/) that we weren't going to move, but we all fell in love with it! and decided that we wanted to move, and by the end of the 2nd week were thinking about when it was gonna be possible!
i can't still remember laying on the landing whilst allie and ludvig were on the computer listening to my ipod and then mum coming out of the bedroom saying that there would be no way we could move because of my exams and everything. but she was wrong! :P and i remember when she said this i was kind of upset :/
but we are moving now! and we're sorting all our rubbish out and have to clear out our rooms and only have the stuff we're taking with us in them :/
and i think what is also gonna be hard is saying good bye to the cats :( because i've grown up having cats around! when i was little we had a cat called tinker, but she had to be put down, i still dont know why :/ but then we had her kitten charlie (we still have him now) and then we thought he might have been lonely so about 10 years ago we got another kitten - fifi and we have her now, and then she had some kittens and we had one, she was called tiger, and then we missed tiger so when fifi had another litter of kittens, we persuaded my parents to let us keep one of those, and then thats georgie (who we also have now.)
we've already finished school, we dont ever have to wear uniform again!! :D because in sweden you were non uniform every day xD. on my last day my tutor - the best i've ever had, asked if he could use our humaities lesson so we could have a party, and we did :D so lesson 2 we went back to the tutor base and had crisps and stuff, and then everyone started singing all these songs but putting 'emmy brown' in instead of some of the lyrics, like dancing queen, aleandjro (or however you spell it), hallelujah and stuff like that, and i just had to keep smiling or i knew for sure i was going to cry :( but then maddy started crying and then she made me cry :'( then we had photos taken and had to go to break and then next lesson :/. i got a card that everyone signed and 2 books by a swedish author!

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