Tuesday, 31 August 2010

yesterday we saw some of our friends for the last time, but we had a really great time, we were only meant to be going round for a couple of hours in the afternoon, but we ended up staying for dinner we had pizza :D it was really great fun. we had lots of hugs at the end, and then a great big hug with all of us, including james :) but the amazing thing is that in march they're coming over for a holiday! i'm really excited, and we're not even out there yet!!
today we did more clearing out but didnt go to the tip for once! then after lunch we got to go and see my new baby cousin! she's soo cute! she has a tiny little nose and a button mouth! her fingers are so long and her finger nails look huge on her tiny hands! she likes to streach a lot! especially lifting one hand up high so it looks like shes praying! :') she's soo cute! her big sister, caitlin, got to chose her name, lily, and it really suits her! she's so quiet she looked a bit like one of those ashton drake dolls!
my friend was supposed to be coming down today, but he didnt, and i still don't quite know why :/ i was kinda annoyed at first, cuz i only met him once 5 years ago at one of our friends parties and we started talking in like january i think it was. and we decided on today so we would get to meet up, us two and another one of our friends, but he chickened out, i was kinda annoyed cuz im not gonna get to see him, so skype and msn is gonna be the best next thing :/
removal company coming a week tomorrow, that means i have no duvet for sometime, i'm going to have to use a sleeping bag :/ i dont really mind, i coped camping in it for 4 nights! that also means my room is going to be basically empty and not at all feel like my room! and it's going to feel really weird not having half the stuff downstairs! i guess it'll only be like that for a few days, and we'll be far too busy thinking bout moving and saying good bye to peoples to even think bout it!

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